Auto Mould Manufacturer in China

Golden Key Mold Co., Ltd. was established in 1997 and has become recognized as a reliable Chinese automotive molds manufacturer. Our company devotes a large amount of effort and resources into the R and D and manufacturing of our automotive molds in order to satisfy the needs of the automakers and auto parts manufacturers around the world. Today we supply them a variety auto molds to their facilities. Our major product lines include automobile exterior body panel molds, interior car panels moulds and auto body structural member molds among others. Boasting refined workmanship and precise specifications, our molds have significantly supported the auto productions of our customers who include high profile manufacturers such as Chang’an Automobile, GAC Automobile, Foton Motor, Lifan Motor, and Hawtai Automobile. We have accumulated a great deal of valuable experience from forming such partnerships and we use that experience to continue to provide the best customized molds in the industry.

    1. Automotive Moulds (Moulding Solution for Exterior Body Panels)
      Based on our exceptional designing and manufacturing teams and equipment, we could manufacture quality customized auto moulds that assist auto manufacturers and car parts suppliers to manufacture perfect car exterior parts, ensuring the wonderful quality of their products.
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    1. Automotive Moulds (Moulding Solution for Interior Car Panels)
      Due to their refined workmanship, great durability and precise specifications, all auto inner panel moulds we produce can be used in the manufacturing of quality auto parts, ensuring the exquisite quality of your auto products. This interior car panel mould we supply to you is highly credited for its premium ...
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    1. Automotive Moulds (Moulding Solution for Vehicle Body Structural Member)
      This body structural member Mould we produce is carefully designed and methodically crafted. It could perfectly help you make fine body structural members and ensure the exceptional quality of your auto products. Designed by our talented engineers with several advanced softwares, this auto mould enjoys precise ...
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